#MeToo and Victim Culture

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Both traditional assault and  sexual assault are flagrant violations of our endowed rights,  however, the wounds of sexual  assault are often far more difficult to heal. #MeToo has created an avenue for both men and  women to begin to heal these wounds. In this aspect alone the movement is historic.

However, the culture of accusations taken as facts is far more  detrimental to society than the ability to “out” an assailant.  Without skin in the game moderating accusations of sexual  assault, or any crime, innocent names will be forever tarnished  by false accusations. A false accusation should carry the same  sentence as the crime in question. While this sentiment might  seem anti-#MeToo because it may discourage victims to come  forward, I argue that the legitimacy of the claims would be  taken far more seriously than  they are today under those circumstances.

#MeToo has led the Left to  embrace victim culture, idolizing the most disadvantaged of us  over those who act for change.  By promoting and idolizing victims, the Left lost its virtuous  heroes. Instead of celebrating  and promoting accomplishment, the Left fostered a race to  the bottom, trying evermore to find increasingly disadvantaged causes to campaign for change without inflicting it.  One’s race, gender or any other non actionable trait should not be the highest image of the Left. Instead, people who stand  for and live out progressive virtue need to be hailed as heroes.  By idolizing unchangeable aspects rather than individual actions, the Left has left behind  the vast majority of its supporters. I cannot become a disadvantaged person, but I do have the  power to embrace progressive values and act for change. There are not heroic people; people do heroic deeds. Embracing virtue rather than virtue signaling will help both the Left and #MeToo.  Don’t just believe in values; exemplify them.

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