Get to know the newest members of The Anchor-Are you a morning bird or a night owl?

According to her friend and fellow Anchor staff member, Claire Buck, Douma is a night owl. -Molly Douma, Staff Writer

“I wish I were more of a morning bird, but I’m definitely a night owl. Whenever I’m forced to get up too early, I’m exhausted for the rest of the day. At night it’s quiet enough for me to focus, too” -Claire Buck, Nation/ World Editor

“In the past, I loved staying up late and sleeping until it was absolutely necessary for me to get up. This past semester, though, I’ve discovered how enjoyable it can be to get up early and take my time getting ready and finish my classes by noon or one… Frankly, taking 8 a.m.’s was one of the best decisions I’ve made since starting college.” – Ruth Holloway, Life Style Editor

“I can never stay up late enough to be productive! I’d much rather set an alarm and wake up early. Also sunrises are so beautiful,” -Caitlyn Fields, Copy Editor

“Mornings have become my time to relax and get ready for the day. I don’t like feeling rushed in the morning before class, so I do enjoy the extra time waking up early allows me” – Sarah Sanders, Voices Editor

“I am a night owl, and that is because I love the night vibes and just always have a hard time waking up in the mornings. I like to stay up and talk to my friends and listen to music until I fall asleep. Everything comes alive when the sun comes down.” -Angel Rebollar, Ads Manager

“As much as I wish I could be a morning bird, I’ve always been a night owl. My work tends to happen more efficiently when it’s dark out. Plus stargazing is dope,” -Kailey Savona, Campus News Editor

“I guess I’d have to say I’m more of an early bird, because although I find it difficult to make myself get up earlier than I have to, especially during the school year, I absolutely love the feeling of getting a headstart to my day. I feel like I get my best work done when the sun is out and everything is quiet and peaceful” – Zachery Dankert, Staff Writer

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