Five things to do after graduation

With graduation coming up, senior projects to do and just daily life in general, I would imagine that most people have a plan after college like getting a real job. If you haven’t planned something out for after graduation, then maybe you should start looking, because you’re going to be walking that stage soon. Here are five things that you should consider doing after graduation:

1) Find a job
Now it isn’t what most people are thinking. Find a job that gets you the most money for the least amount of work. Yeah, don’t go down that road, as there are few jobs that hire people who don’t want to work hard. Instead look for something that you’d enjoy doing. Work as barista at a coffee shop and learn the coffee trade and even how to make designs. Get hired at a local bakery and learn the trade of baking if you want to (plus you might get to take some home, free of charge). Try out a summer camp and work with a team to teach kids about the camp you represent, such as Bible or survival camp.

2) Take a year off
Take a break from school if you feel that you need time to think out a game plan for the next couple of years. You’ve just finished college, so you deserve a break even if people tell you otherwise. If you feel burnt out from school, grab a job or go back home and stay for a while before making any big decisions. Take time to travel, visit friends or take up a new pastime you’ve been meaning to try.

3) Move into your own place
This is a definite must do for those of us who want to get out of our parents’ house. Do your research ahead of time and call to get more information if you can. The more interested the client, the more an an owner might take you as a tenant. Or if money is thin, try a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom place with people you know and trust.

4) Get some transportation
For some this isn’t a problem, but it’s a big concern for a lot of us. Especially if our new job is in a city, but by some stroke of luck, our job is out of range for public transportation. Try a used car because some have a bit of character to them and have been on the road for a while. Just make sure that it’s in good health though. You don’t want to buy a car that has a lot of problems. If used ones aren’t your style, then by all means: new ones are going to last for a while. Though you will have a lot of debt to pay still, if you took out some loans. So be careful.

5) Get a companion
No, I don’t mean go and find yourself a man or woman. I mean get a pet that you can take care of. Although they sometimes add stress, they can also be a source of comfort to those who live alone. They’ll raise your spirits when you get home and keep you company when you need it the most. They’ll make you laugh and smile when people compliment them. Whatever animal you like, just don’t forget that they come with expenses!
That’s what you might want to do if you have no plans after graduation. Just remember to set some goals up, while you’re off on your shenanigans!

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