Don’t get mad, get even

The recent nullification of the executive order referred to as DACA brings into question, once again, the purpose of our representatives in Washington, and the morally reprehensible politicalization of human beings, many of whom have lived in this country since well be- fore they reached the age of ac- countability. You may recall that DACA was issued as an executive order by President Obama; you may not know that President Obama himself questioned the legitimacy of his power to issue such an order. It is the view of myself and many others that the executive order was issued in response to congress’s total inability to reach an agreement regarding illegal immigrants of the past, present and future.

While many despise President Trump for his revocation of DACA, I ask you to not direct your anger towards him, but rather towards those whose inability to govern created the issue in the first place. Had congress been able to reach an agreement over immigration, the legally questionable executive order would have never been needed in the first place. Instead of putting the blame on President Trump, directing it at the representatives responsible for the stalemate over the situation is a much more effective use of DACA supporter’s time.

Instead of angrily supporting an illegal solution that only serves to further politicize the issue, pressing your representatives to actually work towards a permanent legal measure will hopefully depoliticize the issue while, at the same time, allow for the millions of people currently in legal limbo to receive clarity on their status in the United States. Regardless of your political leaning, the status of illegal immigrants and their families is one of the more pressing moral matters of this age. Don’t get mad at the person, get mad and even with the system that politicized the problem yet has failed to solve it.

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