‘Ch-ch-ch-changes’ and attitudes


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The only constant in life is change… Oh, the irony. The world we live in is constantly changing, whether it’s the weather (yay for fall!), the economy, the political scene, seven-billion-people worth of emotions or the climate. Change is something fluid, moving through all facets of our lives. We can neither stop it nor encourage it; it simply is. If we were to characterize it, I would venture to say that change does what it is wants with no heed to how it affects others. This makes change something humans naturally fight against. Have you ever wondered why change is so hard? I think it is because we are creatures of habit, and when change comes, we grow uncomfortable at having to adjust our habits to fit the change.

As college students, we are no strangers to change. Freshmen have just been freed to do what they like and make their own decisions. Sophomores and juniors are taking on more responsibilities and coming to fully understand their role in their surroundings. Seniors are embarking upon the first step of the rest of their lives as they hunt for jobs after graduation and decide where they’d like life to take them. All of these stages are natural in our society, yet that doesn’t make them any less daunting.

I am one of those seniors struggling to grasp the enormity of this massive black wave I call the “future.” This wave is going to hit all of us, and I’m sure most of us will feel like we’re drowning. However, I’m coming to see that change isn’t as bad as I’ve always seen it. It actually would happen a lot more smoothly if I would stop digging my heels in and trying to run away. It’s all about my attitude toward the change, no matter what it is. Change may scare the poo out of me, but I can always learn to welcome it.

And, even though this is in print and online for all to see, I am going to tell y’all a secret. The fear I hold for the future also
makes me see just how privileged I am. I have, practically, the whole world at my fingertips as I search for jobs and choose where I want
to live. If I can earn my keep, then I could go anywhere I’d like. Obviously there are factors to consider such as family and friends, but
if I had the sudden urge to go live in New Zealand, I could make it work. How many people can really say that? I would wager good
money on saying that most of us here at Hope can stake that claim, but what about outside of our bubble? What about outside of the
U.S.? Probably not many.

So then what are we to do with this privilege? What are we to do about the constant change we live in? I’m not sure I have the
answers to those questions. I do think, though, that it is imperative that we learn to approach change with a positive attitude. Whether
you are someone who pulls into themself or leans on friends and family when change comes your way, it will make the entire process
simpler and less painful if you open your mind and focus on the possibilities. That’s what I’m going to be doing from now on. What
about you?

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