Campus response to polar vortex

Elizabeth Inthisane: Sophomore, commuter

“I don’t live on campus, so haven’t actually been to school until [last] Friday, because it’s been so horrible. The roads have been super bad. my car engine completely froze so I couldn’t get to school at all.”

Isaiah Hough: Junior, RA of Brumler Apartments

“The snowstorm kept me inside mostly. It gave me a false sense of extra time that led me to procrastinate a good amount, but it ended up okay in the end. It did let me sleep in though, and that was amazing.”

Andie Alsgaard: Sophomore

“During the days off I was still piled high with homework, but as the week progressed I found myself checking things off my list and having a more open week than normal! Additionally, I spent more time with my roommate, suitemates and friends.”

Abby Pearch: Sophomore

“The snowstorm was difficult for me because I still had the normal workload that I had to do, but help sessions and review sessions were canceled which made homework take longer. This made me feel left out because everyone else could enjoy their days off, but I still had to do work.”

Angelica Vaiana: Sophomore

“Overall I’d say it was pretty lit. I got to dedicate some quality time to Resident Evil 2 and a lot of my homework got pushed back. One of my quizzes got really thick because of it but it, will probably be fine. Probably.”

Tyra White: Senior

“I would say the snow storm hit us in the same way it pretty much hit everyone else on campus. Because Brumler is pretty old, we could feel a strong draft through our windows at night, so my housemates and I would wake up freezing in the mornings.”

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