Amber Ramble: How to turn Midterm Stress into Midterm Best

The dreadful time approach- es for the midterm hell week to come to a close and for the grades, whatever they may be, to be submitted. Perhaps these times have been nothing but stress-inducing, a reminder of the areas that could definitely be due for some improvement. But midterms can also be an opportunity to become motivated to make some changes in your academic routine. If your midterm grades aren’t what you want them to be, be prepared to step up and commit to a few positive changes.

Catch up on missed readings
Perhaps you are like me and have let some assigned readings from previous weeks fall through the cracks. At the time, when other assignments were drawing near, it might have seemed inconsequential to skip some readings in order to focus on more detrimental upcoming assignments. However, future assignments may become more challenging if you’re missing knowledge that could have been gained in previous readings. If you find yourself with some free time, make sure to set aside a few hours to return to missed readings.

Ask questions
If you have been struggling in a certain class and that fact has finally been reflected in your midterm grades, make sure to find answers for any aspect of the class that has been keeping you behind. Attend study sessions, meet with other students who have been doing well in the class, find yourself a tutor or meet with the professor directly to work toward a better under- standing of the course.

Procrastinate less

If less stress is your goal, procrastinating less must be a goal. Avoiding procrastination helps provide more time for projects and studying, and more time lends more opportunity to ask your professor and fellow students about things you aren’t fully understanding. I know procrastinating can be a way of life for some (i.e. me), but procrastinating less can be very beneficial and stress-relieving in the long run.

While midterms and its after- math can cause sleepless nights, take the opportunity it provides to make a few positive changes that will, in the long run, be conducive to reducing the amount of stress in your life and increase your enjoyment and understanding of a course.

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