Amber Ramble: Join The Anchor family!

Ever marvel at a week’s issue of The Anchor and think to yourself, “Wow, I wish I could be a part of this staff of amazing people. I sure wish I could experience the glorious life of a newspaper staff…” Well, wish no longer, as we have one more editor position open! Our sole remaining Campus Editor Alayna would love to have another student join her in captaining the Campus section.

Campus editors are in charge of brainstorming article ideas about events or issues related to Hope’s campus, writing those articles (or finding other students interested in writing for The Anchor) and designing the layout for the two Campus pages on Monday nights. The staff meets on Sunday nights for a brainstorming meeting and on Monday nights for production nights, when the newspaper actually gets created.

Sunday meetings are fairly short, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour at the most. At these meetings, we go through the previous issue and discuss any mistakes found or praise any innovative design that worked well for a certain section. We then discuss the issue that will be worked on the next day, going through each section to confirm the articles for each page and if any more articles are needed. Finally, we brainstorm for the next issue so that sections can get a head start on writing articles or finding guest writers to report on an upcoming event. These meetings provide experience in improving editing skills and working in a team, which looks great on resumes and are beneficial skills to have in future careers.

Production nights require pages to go through three edits, so the time required for each editor varies, dependant on when your pages have gone through all necessary editing rounds. Co-Editors can decide amongst themselves on the best time to come in and finish pages, and coming in earlier will allow for pages to be finished sooner.

For layout, section editors use Adobe InDesign. Knowledge in InDesign is helpful, but we can also teach you how to use the software. Adobe InDesign is what is used during production nights to design the layouts for each section.

For articles, we use AP Style, which contains certain guidelines for how articles should be formatted. Knowledge of this, as well, would be useful but not required, as our copy editors and Adam and I can share the basics of AP Style. We also have AP Style guidebooks that can be used to look up any questions you may have about how an article should be written.

For more information about the Campus section or working on The Anchor in general, don’t hesitate to email me at amber. carnahan@hope.edu or Adam at adam.nottoli@hope.edu.

To apply for the position, email a resume and two journalistic writing samples (or academic if no journalistic sample is available) to anchor@hope.edu.

Working on The Anchor is great journalistic and writing experience and is a valuable position to put on resumes, so don’t miss this opportunity to join the staff! All majors are welcome.

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