Amber Ramble: Friendship to the max

What is the main benefit of friendships? Some would argue that it’s the satisfaction that arises from being grounded by a good group of close friends. Maybe it’s the benefit of having people with whom you can share and explore a variety of interest. Or perhaps the main benefit is just the simple joy that comes from not being alone. All of these answers, while nice, are wrong. The main benefit of friendships is being better than everyone else at them. Is your squad lackluster and falling behind on the Friendship Hall of Fame? Then the solution’s simple: start a quote wall.

A quote wall (or board, plaque, mural or whatever suits your fancy) doesn’t need to be extravagant, but it doesn’t hurt
to go above and beyond in the name of friendship. For quote wall novices, this phenomenon is pretty simple. Using your
own personal design and formatting style choices, especially witty and memorable phrases get posted up for all to see and bow before. You could make a full poster or just keep track of quotes with simple post-it notes.

Here are some easy stepping stones to advance your friend group to the next level of squad awesomeness.

1. Have Friends
Now, this first step might seem self-explanatory, but to have a quote wall filled with hilarious memories, one must first have a compatible group of friends. Friend groups of four to six members tend to be the best size for increased awesomeness, so if your group is on the small side, consider holding auditions for new members of the squad. Make sure to have the first meetings with each friend-applicant be as creepy and odd as possible. Otherwise, the applicants will not be prepared for the level of awesomeness required for the position.

2. Be Witty
At the best, your friend group needs to actually be funny. There’s no point in having quotes on your magnificent quote wall
stating your apartment is out of milk. At the worst, your friend group has to be at least a jumbled mess. Both quotes of hilarity and quotes highlighting a misspoken word or phrase will make great additions to your quote wall.

3. Remember the Quote Wall
The quote wall fails to do your friend group any good if no one remembers to actually put quotes up there. Always have a
pad of paper and a pen nearby to immortalize the best of the best quotes your friends have to offer. There’s also a handy invention called technology, so start keeping notes on your phone of useful things like humorous mutterings of your squad, rather than wasting space with chemistry notes. For your friend group to achieve friendship awesomeness, the magic of the quote wall must be respected and earned.

Get to making some hilarious memories.

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