The newest cleanse to try

THE HEALTHIEST GARDEN — Enjoy these tasty breadsticks with no guilt, packed full of nutrient-dense gluten. (Olive Garden)

What better than whipped cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner?


Cleanses are all the rage. The purpose of a cleanse is to reset and refresh the body. Basically, you want to detox out all the bad and start fresh with better and healthier options. So what better thing to do than a nice cleanse before trying out the gluten-filled diet?

There are plenty of cleanses that you can try. Some involve water or juices, and some are even lengthier cleanses. However, one of the top trending cleanses right now is the whipped cream cleanse. Whipped cream is a thick and rich milk product that is sure to do the trick of a cleanse.

With its thick texture, whipped cream is a great option  for a cleanse, because it will help push out all of the bad stuff. Plus, since whipped cream has a light and airy consistency, you can eat a ton of it and fill your whole belly before being full. This way you’ll have a nice whipped cream-filled stomach to help absorb and push out all of the toxins in your body.

According to the National Institute of Health, “cleanses are intended to help the body reprogram. This is done by using one substance to help the body only have to process the one thing you’re eating and then, once the cleanse is over, your body will better process other foods.” In addition to this, different types of cleanses can serve different purposes according to what you want out of your cleanse. The Health People’s Group says,  “The whipped cream cleanse is among one of the elite types of cleanses. Whereas most cleanses make you feel gross, the whipped cream cleanse helps you feel full, rejuvenated and light as air.”

The idea of a cleanse might be weird to some of us, but whipped cream is a great starter cleanse to try that will really help you rejuvenate.

Especially with exams right around the corner, what better thing to do than ingest a ton of sugar to help your body get a fresh start then try an all-new gluten-filled diet. There’s not much that is better for you than sugar. There is no better time to try new diets and health things than right before exams start! So what are you waiting for? Go out and try this cleanse!

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