What to plan last-minute for spring break: Don’t know what to do for a whole week? No problem! There are plenty of ways to spend your time

CLASSIC GETAWAY — Hit the road with some of your friends this spring break. Load up the
car, grab some snacks and get out there. There’s a whole lot of open road to discover. (Impact 89FM)


Spring break is right around the corner and maybe you don’t have plans yet. No worries though, because there are plenty of last-minute things you can do. You can even plan a fun staycation with some friends or take time for some self care. Here are some ideas for you to get going on that spring break fun.

Four words: classic American road trip. This is a great option for the last minute. You can basically pack your stuff and go. Use Airbnb to find lodging along the way at a low price and pick some must-see sites along the way. Plus, you have no agenda. Just drive and stop whenever and wherever you please. They are completely underrated but a whole lot of memories.

Along the lines of Airbnb, use it! It can be super cheap to grab a bunch of friends and rent a cool place for the week. Plus, if you can drive there, it  won’t be too pricey. Another alternative is going to a friend’s place to stay the week, or make it an adventure and do some house tours by visiting multiple friends and staying a couple of nights. See the sights around their hometown and have lots of fun sharing your home with  your friends.

What about those of you staying on campus or just going back home for the week? There are plenty of options to make your week memorable. First of all, you have all the time in the world to binge-watch your favorites or the must-sees of  Netflix. Some ideas? For starters, “Peaky Blinders.” Definitely not a very “family-friendly” pick, but the plotline is sure to grab your attention with this gypsy gang family set in post-WWI Britain. Lots of blood, drama and twists you probably weren’t expecting. “The Crown” is another show  you may have heard someone rave about. It is also set in Britain, but this is post-WWII. Want political intrigue? You’ve got it. “Atypical” is another one many will tell you is heart-warming. A kid on the spectrum begins his life of dating and navigating the world of women. “Riverdale” is one with lots of scandal and high school love drama. This one is sure to grab your attention. Look some shows up and maybe watch one that’s always grabbed your attention in your “highly recommended” list.

Other staycation ideas include anything to treat yourself. Have a home spa day, read a good book, take naps, go for walks in parks, whatever is going to get you feeling reenergized to finish off the school year. Staying home isn’t the worst. It can be a great time to catch up on stuff, visit friends at other schools, drive to other states or just do nothing. How often do you get to really just do nothing in college? So maybe it’s worth relaxing for a week.

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