How to kick that midday appetite with a healthier alternative



Eating healthy on the go can often come as a challenge. Grabbing an apple is definitely a healthy choice, but what happens when you’re not in the mood? It’s easy to buy a bag of chips or run through the drive-thru and get something greasy, but how can we be a little more intentional about those in-between-meal snacks?

One of the first things you can try are almonds. They are sold in small packets or you can just toss some in a little plastic to-go container. They are simple and chalk-full of protein and other good stuff. Along the lines of salty, grabbing some dried and salted edamame or making some homemade trail mix are also great alternatives. Even some freshly made popcorn can be a better choice if you don’t overload it with salt and butter.

If you’re in the mood for something a bit sweeter, you can always grab a spoonful of peanut or other nut butters, some greek yogurt and with fruit or granola mixed in, or go for a protein bar that has good nutrients and not too much sugar. According to some health fanatics, the Quest Cookies and Cream bar are another great choice. Low in sugar and high in protein and fiber, this bar can help give you a little kick to push through the end of the day.

There are tons of snacking options out there that serve as much healthier alternatives. Sweet or salty, you can easily kick a craving with something that your body will actually thank you for later. Even an avocado or banana is an easy choice. Plus, eating more small meals throughout the day is better than scarfing down a couple of big buffets. So go ahead and get snacking.

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