The importance of moments for ourselves in the midst of midterms

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Midterms are upon us. Whether you just finished up or you’re in the midst of a tough week, many of us are getting bogged down with pre-spring break papers and exams. It’s important to remember to take time to refresh and rejuvenate even in the midst of a busy season. We’re all different and have different ways of de-stressing, but instead of watching that episode of Netflix, try out a new de-stressing mechanism that’s scientifically backed to help you shake off that stress.

Go for a walk. Just 10 minutes can make a difference. Getting outside is proven to help benefit our health (pickup a copy of The Anchor from this past week to read more or find it here:

Breath deeply, visualize, chew some gum or listen to some tunes. All of these things can help you calm down, and thankfully they’re pretty simple to do. You can even buy a plant to spruce up your life. That’s shown to help alleviate stress too. Go figure!

Although screen time isn’t always best, funny videos are shown to boost your mood and calm you down. So watch something funny. Even if it’s Netflix, make it something that will make you laugh not elevate your heart rate and make you sad. However most people would recommend shying away from screen time when trying to de-stress.

Do some yoga or make a craft. I’d especially recommend going to workout and eating healthy. Many of us are “stress eaters,” but doing something good for your body makes us feel productive and helps us retain information. Even eating a banana, which contains lots of potassium, helps lower your blood pressure and alleviates stress. So take a moment to refresh in the midst of chaos. You can do this!


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