Get off the couch and get moving with these trends

There are plenty of ways to make your workouts less of a drag – take some of these ideas for starters


We all know that working out can be a drag. A lot of people lack motivation and desire to get up and moving. Some people, however, cannot wait to get to their workout class or go for a run. So what are they doing that you’re not? Why is working out so enjoyable to them? Although this answer may look different for everyone, there is one thing  you can do to try and get yourself motivated.

Joining a gym typically results in people just not going, especially if the gym only costs $5  a month, but if you sign up for a  class or a gym that is more specific, you may find people (and  your wallet) making you more accountable. The trick is finding a workout that you feel best suits you. Whether it be CrossFit, soul cycling, Pure Barre, boxing, hot yoga or rock climbing, there is something fun and hopefully enjoyable for everyone.

Research for some local places, and call and ask about  doing a drop-in or free “first-timers” class. A lot of places are  willing to give you the tour and lowdown about what they’re  all about. You may be intimidated when you first walk into  a CrossFit gym, but know that everyone started in your shoes never having been to a CrossFit gym. There are people of all ages and levels most of the places you  go and most of the time everyone has the same goal in mind  health. Jump over the hurdle of fear and maybe a box jump while you’re at it.

Here are some of the workout trends that you may want to  try and a little insight into what they’re all about:


Quite arguably the beast of workouts, CrossFit started a  few decades ago by Greg Glassman, who wanted to challenge  people with high-intensity and constantly varying workouts.  The idea is to incorporate functional, everyday movements  into a tough workout. CrossFit is performed in what is called a “box,” which is basically just an old warehouse, garage or any open space that has limited equipment. Usually you’ll find Olympic lifting equipment, bars for pull-ups and maybe some rowing machines. There are also sometimes kettlebells and other free weights. What you won’t find are the fitness machines that pack most gyms. CrossFit is meant to develop the whole  body with movements that utilize big muscle groups. CrossFit environments can be pretty  competitive with their whiteboard, time clock and scoreboard, but it can be a setting that  motivates and pushes you to your best. Most times, CrossFit  gyms are packed with encouraging people who strive to be better each day, so you’ll find that  even if they kick your butt in a workout, they’re rooting for you.  Holland has multiple CrossFit gyms within the area, and  Soaring Ledge is within walking distance. Plus, they have a rock  climbing wall and are collegefriendly with their prices. Speaking of rock walls, rock climbing  has been gaining momentum as a form of fitness. It’s a good way to get outside and climb, or just find a local gym. Trust me, you’ll be sore the next day if not by the end of your climbing session. It’s a pretty effective way to make your muscles sore in a relatively  short period of time. Plus, you utilize muscles you never even knew you had.


SoulCycle is a 45-minute cardio session on, you guessed it,  a stationary bike. The playlists are specific to the class and the idea is to set a tone for the class that aims to “sweat, reach and recover” as a group. The setup of  the cycling session is pretty consistent throughout workouts.  Although each instructor has their own style, there tends to be a warm-up followed by a hard cardio session and hills, and then an arm series which ends in a final cardio push to bring the workout to an end with a recovery. Although there aren’t any studios in the area, Chicago  features one, and you can also try other similar cycle routines. There are plenty of gyms that offer cycling classes that mimic similar effects to the branded SoulCycle.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is about an hour long, and it focuses on full-body workouts that are specifically  targeted for women. The workout is low-impact and followed  by stretching. The idea is to tone  the body and hone in on utilizing your body as your workout  equipment. Additionally, the  workout aims to have a yoga-like meditative style. The class  is designed to help block out the world and help you put life on pause as you shape and tone.


This workout is sure to be a  fun and intense session. Boxing is great because it not only  is an amazing form of exercise,  but it also helps you know selfdefense and instills confidence.  Plus, who doesn’t want to throw on some boxing gloves and go to work? The other thing about this workout is that it helps take your mind off of the outside world. When you’re sparring or learning combinations on a bag, you need to dedicate your 100 percent focus, so boxing is a solid form of de-stressing. Also, boxing takes agility, speed and endurance, so you end up being more tired than you may have expected. It’s not just your arms that are at work, but your feet have to be on the move, too!

Working out can be a good experience, but it’s all about finding what’s right for you. Don’t be afraid to try a new gym or class out. You may find that you love something or love the community that you’re in and it encourages you to come back.


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