Coachella is back and better than ever

Let’s look into some of the highlights so far and figure out what the hype is all about this year


#TRENDING — Every Coachella-er brings their own sense of style to their look. Here you can see a classic way this comes into play with bright colors, a shiny two-piece set, and lots of accessories like the handbag, glasses and bubblegum braids. (Elle)


It’s Coachella season. Coachella is a music festival that happens each year in Indio, California over the course of two  weekends. Most people hear about Coachella when it rolls around through social media. Specifically, famous stars from all around post their Coachella experiences.

Coachella features a wide range of artists this year, so festival attendees are sure to find something they will enjoy. Headliners this year include  Beyoncé, The Weeknd and Eminem, but these are just a few of  the features. Coachella offers artists from First Aid Kit and Børns to French Montana and Aminé, and even some artists most of us may have never heard of. However, for the longest time, Coachella has been pegged as the “rich white kids” festival, and this year more than ever, that idea seems to be changing with the lineup.

Take Beyoncé’s performance  this past weekend, which featured drum lines, step and  lively costumes. She radicalized Coachella, and there is still more to come for 2018. Considering the fact that the lineup is full  of rap, R&B and hip-hop artists more than before, there is sure to be a shift in Coachella culture.

The festival isn’t just the best and biggest of pop stars, but  there are plenty of artists trying new styles who are fresher  onto the music scene. Plus, with headliners like this year’s, it’s no wonder that $500+ tickets sold  out within the first few hours after coming out in January.

In addition to the multiple stages showcasing artists all day, the festival also has a ferris wheel, art and food from tons of great restaurants from all over the country. Also, there are many camping grounds to stay at for the festival, but if you’re  worried you won’t have anywhere to shower, don’t be. The  park has free showers, a barber  shop and a beauty bar, so festival attendees can look good all  weekend long.

Can’t make it to Coachella this year? No worries. Most of us  can’t either. That’s why Coachella offers a livestream for all of  us who can’t spend the money to jet out to Cali. You can checkout the stream at and even view some videos from earlier performers.

Although most of us know Coachella is a music festival,  one of the most notable aspects of the festival is the fashion.  Coachella fashion is its own entity, and trends come and go, but  it typically has some indie, flowy style or includes wearing pretty minimal clothing.

Some of the top trends of this year include glitter, fanny packs, classic kicks and barely dressed.  Coachella is a time for experimenting with weird fashion. A  lot of Coachella fashion takes patterns and prints, textures, flashy, bold and everything else and puts it together.

There isn’t totally a rhyme or reason to Coachella looks, but  you can definitely tell it’s Coachella when you see it. You’ll spot  a lot of crop tops, two-piece matching sets, weird-looking  accessories in the forms of umbrellas, sunglasses and bags, and  you’ll also see a whole lot of outfits that look like they’re better  found at a swimming pool than a festival.

Plenty more is to come for this year’s festival with one weekend still remaining. Keep your eyes peeled for some more crazy fashion trends and be sure to catch at least a part of the livestream. Maybe one day you can punch a ticket to this iconic festival.


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