Bells will be ringing and this is your chance to celebrate good times



Ring by spring? Well, spring has once again rolled around and that means wedding season is right around the corner. Many of you readers may not be thinking, “Hey, I need wedding tips right now,” but it’s nice to be in the know about what’s popular. When you start rolling up to weddings, it may be nice to be able to recognize some of the latest things that have been trending in the world of white dresses.

The first notable trend has to do with colors. Among the popular colors right now are blush rose, neutral palettes and anything metallic. Whether you get soft colored flowers, a unique set of tan bridesmaids’ dresses, or you deck out the wedding cake with some metallic accents, your wedding is sure to follow a current trend in the industry.

Next on the list is nature. Whether that means an outdoor venue, a foliage-filled bouquet, or a canopy of leaves hanging over your head, nature is in. Many weddings are being spruced up by displaying things like big, potted plants or using wreaths of flowers and greenery as a hairpiece. Plus, people have been using this greenery for things like centerpieces and canopy pieces. Even using stone and wood elements seems to be a growing trend.

Some other noteworthy wedding trends include using an industrial building as a venue. Deck these spaces out with lights and you’ve got yourself a wedding. And let’s not forget the calligraphy and many unique styles of cards that people are beginning to use.

So maybe weddings aren’t quite on your radar yet, or maybe you have yours all figured out. Regardless, it’s always fun to see the quirky, ridiculous and fun ways to make each one of these special days unique. If you’re not quite sure you can hop on the wedding train, maybe go to a bridal show, pretend you’re getting married, and eat some free cake. Because who doesn’t love free cake?


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