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Updates from the Iowa Caucus

(Photo credit: CBS News) On Jan. 15, 2024, 110,000 Iowans braved the snow, ice and freezing temperatures to vote in the Iowa Caucus. Temperatures were recorded as low as -10 degrees with wind chills as low as -40. This was just a mere 15% of the over 752,000 registered Republicans in the state of  Iowa….


Tis’ the Season to Go Greek

The past week has been busy for many students, as the Greek Life sorority and fraternity rushing season continues on! Here at Hope College, Greek Life offers students an opportunity to engage with other students and to find a sense of belonging within their community. There are seven sororities and five fraternities on campus. The…


The Hidden Cost of Innovation

By: Carter Speelman The prospect of finding work upon the completion of a degree program at a college or university has always been a daunting task, but I propose that it is getting harder and harder each year. The state of the economy at the time of graduation has always been a leading factor in…