Articles by Macy Granville


Girls Watch Sports Too

Saying “my dad used to play in the NFL” is my favorite party trick. As a woman and a fairly active sports fan and observer, I naturally bring up current sporting events in my conversations. Obviously, not everyone keeps up with sports—or the same types of sports and leagues for that matter. Therefore, each conversation…


Seeing Medicine in Different Colors: A Spotlight on Black Pre-Med Students

According to the Association of Medical Colleges, approximately five percent of America’s practicing doctors are Black/African American. With Black History Month kicking off on Thursday, I sat down with a couple of pre-med African American Hope students to discuss this percentage gap, their inspirations and how they hope to inspire others in their prospective medical…


Gratitude, Generosity, and a Great Future: The Strength Behind Hope Forward

Although the holidays are over, Hope College is committed to maintaining a culture full of gratitude and generosity year-round. Centered around these two qualities, Hope Forward – a donor-funded economic tuition model – has allowed the community of Hope to step into this attitude together: students, faculty and alumni alike. Hope Forward, proposed by President…