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Light shed on Kletz closure

During a pandemic, timing and strategy are crucial. One must not only discern the most probable avenues for viral transmission, but must also act quickly and efficiently in order to limit the spread should a case be confirmed. Public sporting arenas, living facilities, classrooms and places of business are all high-risk areas. Restaurants and dining…


Thousands protest in Poland as abortion ban goes into effect

Three months after the Constitutional Tribunal’s October decision to expansively ban abortions, the Polish government brought the ruling—over 200 pages long—into legal force last Wednesday. The newly implemented policy permits abortions only in cases involving rape, incest or dangerous circumstances for the mother, excluding the majority of pregnancy terminations that occur because of fetal defects….


Whitmer’s plan to battle COVID and find common ground: Highlights from the State of the State Address

“My mission,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer to the residents of the state of Michigan last Wednesday evening, “is to find common ground so we can emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.” In her third State of the State Address, Governor Whitmer urged Michiganders to focus on working together in order to “fix the damn…