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Biden pardons thousands charged with marijuana possession: is it enough?

On Oct. 6, President Joe Biden announced new efforts his administration is taking to reform the drug policy. This includes taking steps to decriminalize marijuana, beginning with pardoning all people who have been convicted of marijuana possession under federal law. This does not include people who have been convicted of selling or distributing marijuana illegally. …


Hurricane Ian ravages Florida coast

Since 2000, almost 40 Category 4 or higher hurricanes have formed in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the National Hurricane Center, a government organization that tracks and attempts to manage hurricanes, Category 4 hurricanes are marked by “catastrophic damage.” The description of said hurricane reads as follows: “Well-built framed homes can sustain severe damage with…


What Happened at Mar-a-Lago?

In early August of this year, the FBI searched the Mar-a-Lago home of former president Donald Trump. After years of contact between Trump and the Federal Government, including formal requests and subpoenas, the FBI obtained a warrant to search the 126-room, 62,500 square foot mansion. They were looking for documents that Trump had allegedly after…