Favorite study spots of Hope students 

With the sharper cold air comes not only the start of a new month, but also greater anticipation, anxiousness, and preparation for final exams practically less than a month away. With a greater number of weeks behind us than ahead of us, the semester seemingly revs up with the number of projects, papers, and exams squeezed into these final weeks until the very much desired Christmas break. Though the inevitable amount of work may be out of our control, we can control where we surround ourselves through this final stretch of studying and homework, turning the seemingly unenjoyable work into a more pleasant experience. And what other place to do so than the idyllic Hope College and the Holland community! To gather some ideas of the best study spots, we asked students where they enjoyed studying the most. 

Haworth Hotel

Clara Roche (‘26)

If you are looking for a coffee or sweet treat to accompany your studying, the Haworth Hotel is the spot for you. Alongside a Biggby Coffee, the hotel offers a variety of seating options, including booths, couches, comfy chairs and even study rooms. “It’s very clean and aesthetic,” Clara Roche (‘26) said. “I always like to come here and get Biggby Coffee, which helps me study. I also like that it’s in a really good central spot to everything else.” 

Bultman Student Center

Cameron Houck (‘24)

The Bultman Student Center has many different study spots students can choose from. The Family Room is complete with a warm fireplace, chairs and couches, if you’re looking for a cozy study environment. The Great Room and the Kletz area offer tables and booths, where you can grab a snack during your study breaks. “I love sitting at the Kletz,” Cameron Houck (‘24) said. “I love the ambient background noise, I love people watching in between studying and taking a break. The library is a little too quiet for me, so I love just being around people with, as I said, ambient noise.” 

Campus Ministries

Cece Kestner (‘25)

Located in the heart of campus, the Campus Ministries building features a library with couches and bay windows, tables with bench seating and a front porch with picnic tables and rocking chairs. “I love Campus Ministries for its community and it’s just such a cozy home on campus,” Cece Kestner (‘25) said. “There’s just so many different types of study spots in here, if you want to sit at the window seat or at a small table with a group of people. I’ve just met a lot of good friends through here and I enjoy seeing the chaplains every day too.” 

Martha Miller Rotunda

Emmy McGee (‘27)

Martha Miller’s two floor rotunda is a convenient spot to study before or after your class in the building, But, even if you don’t have class at Martha Miller, the tables and chairs are open to all students. “I think Martha Miller is very cozy,” Emmy Mcgee (‘27) said. “There’s a vending machine with these crazy energy drinks. It has a nice camaraderie. It’s professional but I still feel studious there, and I feel like I’m achieving things.”

Pine Grove

Maggie Anderle (‘24)

If you want to savor the last bits of sun before winter arrives, then you can take your homework out to the Pine Grove. The Pine Grove has picnic tables to work at, or you can bring your own picnic blanket to get your work done on the grass. “I like studying in the Pine Grove because I love being in nature,” Maggie Anderle (‘24) said. “Working on homework or studying can be stressful, but being outside is peaceful and calming. It can neutralize my stress sometimes and it reminds me to be thankful for the space I am in and the assignments I get to do.”

As you prepare for final exams, we hope you find places of inspiration and motivation around campus and the Holland community. So whether you’re sipping coffee at Haworth while finishing up the last pages of your essay or swinging in a hammock in the Pine Grove while studying for your Environmental Science exam, we hope you enjoy a spot that allows you to perform at your best and perhaps even find joy in the season of finals. 

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