Articles by Lucy James


Answering the ‘Major’ Question

How did you decide on your major? It’s a question often asked after the standard ‘What’s your major?’, and a far more interesting one. Did a younger version of yourself have your sights set on teaching, or did life’s events sway and shape your interests? Maybe you chose Hope for their nursing program, or maybe…


How to Make the Most of Your Summer

Even with the ever-changing spring temperatures and stress about finals, housing, fall class schedule, or graduation, the promise of summer break keeps the spirits of Hope College students afloat. Whether you have your internship or summer job set in stone, or your summer plans are alarmingly wide open, having something to look forward to in…


Dance 50: A Celebration of Community

At once a celebration of 50 years of growth and a display of historic talent, Dance 50 represents the past, present and the future of the Dance Department at Hope College in a performance you won’t want to miss. Dance 50 is both the title of the department’s annual concert, which is faculty-choreographed and student-danced,…