Meet the candidates who plan to challenge Trump

As the clock creeps closer to the next cycle of American democracy, several challengers have emerged to contest the potential re-election of President Trump. With no declared Republican opposition as of yet, all opponents of note have emerged from Democratic and Independent sides. Here’s a breakdown of the most prominent candidates. The following information has been largely sourced from Glamour, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times and Senator Cory Booker, 49, (D-NJ) announced his bid on the first of the month and is likely to be among the most popular candidates this season.

He served as mayor of Newark before becoming a senator, and he championed a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill, which just passed. He made waves during the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh by declaring his office would release confidential emails about Kavanaugh’s career, which allegedly promoted racial profiling. Declaring himself to be “Spartacus,” it was revealed shortly after that the emails had already, embarrassingly, become cleared for public release by the time of his act of defiance. Another candidate well known in D.C. is Elizabeth Warren, 69 (D-MA). Warren has not officially announced her candidacy but was quick to form an exploratory committee right before the end of last year. Warren is among the most extremely liberal of her crowd, quick to condemn sexism, big banking, and Russia. However, Warren has come under fire for frequently claiming a blurry Native American heritage, when in fact DNA results suggest one must go back six to ten generations to find her a fully Native American ancestor.

While still claiming a culturally and socially Native American upbringing, Warren has since apologized privately to a leader of the Cherokee Nation and affirmed she is not the member of any tribal nation. Kamala Harris, a 54 yearold Democratic Senator from California, has also thrown her hat in the ring. She is the daughter of immigrant parents from India and Jamaica, and she announced her candidacy on Jan. 21. A former D.A. and A.G., she has worked for reentry programs for nonviolent criminals, several civil rights cases, and worked prosecution for financial crimes. However, her record is mixed with several controversies involving corruption and upholding wrongful convictions. This has lead many Democrats to shy away from backing her as a true progressive. Several other candidates have also made waves, for a variety of reasons. Former CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz is rumored to be mulling a run strictly as an Independent, frightening those who support Starbucks’ leftleaning values. John McAfee, of the antivirus software firm, has also announced intentions to join the fray as a Libertarian or an Independent.

John Kasich, former 2016 candidate from the Republican party, has indicated interest in potentially running against fellow Republican Donald Trump, one of the only GOP members to do so thus far. Even twice-defeated Hillary Clinton has been rumored to be giving it another try, although with the dramatic defeat of 2016 still fresh in the mind of her fellow Democrats, it’s unlikely that another Trump-Hillary showdown is on the horizon.

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