In memory of “The Maverick”

Sentiments of unexpected union, warm memory and patriotic grief were among the primary reactions of the world to the death of Senator John McCain, who passed away Aug. 25, 2018 from a long- running battle with brain cancer. He was approaching his 82nd birthday, and his memory is carried on by his widow Cindy and his seven children. Hailed as a figurehead of bipartisanship, firm-standing conviction and hard-boiled humor, McCain’s life is consistently chronicled as one of individuality.

Famed for his willingness to swim against the tide, McCain represented a decreasing percentage of the GOP who break step with party agreement. McCain’s decorated service as well as his experience as a prisoner of war during the war in Vietnam tempered a sense of resilience that appeared frequently in his political life with a backbone for his notable line-item criticisms of the past three presidents. However McCain was a powerful tool for Republicans and fierce defender of the political right, even during his two failed presidential bids in 2000 and 2008.

While the loss of an acclaimed politician and public figure is in itself upsetting, many in the general public also mourn the anomaly he represented in today’s political climate: The statesman. McCain was a fierce opponent for Democrats to engage with, but there is little debate that his vigor arose from his sense of responsibility to the public and not to his job security as a politician. McCain consistently took the side of those Americans he represented and not with a given agenda. His ability to stand for his own personal beliefs on weapons of mass destruction, taxes and war ethics frequently brought congress back to the bargaining table. As such his passing has catalyzed a sense of dread regarding the void he leaves behind, an omen against the ability of the nation to reach across the political aisle.

McCain’s body was brought to the rotunda of the U.S Capitol building last Friday, where previous speeches celebrating his life and political career by Vice President Biden were echoed by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Vice President Pence. His body will be laid to rest in Annapolis, Maryland at the U.S. Naval Academy.

McCain’s Life:
August 29, 1936: McCain is
October 26, 1967 – March 14,
1973: McCain is shot down and
remains a POW for more than
five years.
1977 – 81: Navy liaison to the
1981: Retires from the U.S.
1983 – 87: Elected U.S. Representative
from Arizona’s 1st
November 4, 1986: Wins the
US Senate seat vacated by retiring
Senator Barry Goldwater.
November 3, 1992: Is re-elected
to the Senate.
1999: McCain’s memoir,
“Faith of My Fathers,” is published.
September 27, 1999: Formally
announces his presidential
candidacy while in New Hampshire.
March 9, 2000: Suspends his
campaign for president.
September 4, 2008: Accepts
the Republican nomination for
November 4, 2008: Loses
the presidential election to U.S.
Senator Barack Obama.
November 2, 2010: Is reelected
to the Senate for a fifth
August 25, 2018: Passes away
at the age of 81.

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