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Laundry service started by Hope students

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CLEAN UP YOUR ACT — Hope students know business; sign up for NYML today. (Not Your Mother’s Laundry)

College students are busy. Between class, work, homework, sports and clubs, sometimes things get forgotten, including laundry. If those socks in the hamper are starting to smell but there’s no time to fix it, don’t fear. Not Your Mother’s Laundry has a solution.

Gabe Boss (’17), Justin Pinto (’18) and Dan Miller (’17) came together at Hope College in an entrepreneurial class. Learning about how to start a business and being college students led them to realize what was important in their lives. Laundry, however, took time away from that. To help students like themselves, Not Your Mother’s Laundry removes this added stress. They will pick up, wash, dry and fold laundry, to be returned to the customer within two business days. Dry cleaning service and hang drying options are coming soon. Requests can also be taken to return laundry more quickly. Affordable weekly pricing is available, as well as rates per month or per semester.

When asked to give advice to other students who want to start a business, NYML praised Hope’s entrepreneurship program. Pinto said, “we have a wide variety of classes that specifically focus on starting your own business. We have it better off than most colleges in our area.” Perseverance is also important. “Starting your own business is tough,” Pinto said. “but if you have the heart for it keep driving and you will be successful. One quote that I live by everyday is: ‘if it was easy, someone else would have already done it.’”

For NYML, they saw a connection between being busy and not doing laundry. They struggled with it as college students, as did their friends and family. Their model has been changed and perfected to be as efficient as possible. As for the future of their company, NYML described their plans. “Our team at Not Your Mother’s Laundry all has the same goal and that is to expand to other colleges across the country and provide other college students a hassle free laundry service,” Pinto said. “We want to first nail the business model at Hope College and then take that same model to other schools in West Michigan.” As their market expands, Not Your Mother’s Laundry is certainly a business to watch.

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