Articles by Kailey Savona


‘Brain Day’ educates and entertains

As human beings, we all have something incredible and intricate in common: the possession of a complex, powerful brain. Happy National Brain Awareness Week everyone! The neurosciencefocused week was introduced a few weekends ago on March 2 with the campus event Brain Day, open to the Holland community. For the third consecutive year, families were…


Making graduation seem less daunting

Senior year hits and all of a sudden you are scrambling to solidify post-graduation plans. It seems as though college will last forever so it becomes difficult to accept the reality of leaving Hope College and finding an adult career. With May quickly approaching, senior Mariah Bensley shares her various thoughts about graduation: “I feel…


New year, new Greek: 2019 rush season

Are you looking for a way to establish meaningful friendships here at Hope? Or perhaps an opportunity to take on more roles in leadership or service? Greek Life may be just the right pathway to fulfill these goals. Hope offers an array of different Greek organizations, including eight fraternities and seven sororities. Mentioning their names…