Daily Archives: February 28, 2018


Hope hoops victorious

Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams were victorious this weekend, winning the conference championship games and heading into the NCAA tournament. The men’s team won their 12th conference title against Olivet College with a score of 106 to 94, while the women beat Trine University in overtime 68 to 62 on the home court….


Freshen your life with time spent outdoors How getting outside can help improve your life in both long-term and short-term endeavors

  Lately, the sun has been shining around Hope College’s campus. More and more people are  starting to run outside again and  shedding the heavy winter layers. Although snow could hit  again at any point because we live in Michigan, there are many perks to soaking up the sun while it’s here and finding time…


Winter Olympics highlights unity in Korea

  The Winter Olympics’ closing ceremony was held on Sunday, where all attending could see a brilliant display of fireworks, coordinated light shows with drones and people alike, K-Pop,  and the phenomenal performance of young Yang Tae-Hwan  to celebrate the achievements. While the main attention was on the medals and athletic displays  by representatives of…


Get involved for Dance Marathon

  Hope College’s Dance Marathon event is a year- long fundraiser for the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital that rounds  off with a 24-hour dance- a-thon from March 9 to 10.  Hope’s students, faculty and community comes together to dance, play games and meet the families of survivors. Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan,…