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Results and reactions from Kurdish vote

The Iraqi Kurdish independence referendum led to a significant vote in favor of independence to split from Baghdad. At the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) capital, the results from Sept. 25 were announced two days later by officials in Irbil. Precisely 92.73 percent answered “yes” in response to, “Do you want the Kurdistan Region and the…


Behind the scenes with Vanderprov

“YES, AND…” — Moments from Vanderprov’s first show of the semester back in September had the audience roaring. (Photos by Kelly Ocock) Last Thursday night members of Hope College’s improvisational team gathered in a classroom to hone their comedic craft. The team enthusiastically worked together through several improvisational games, filling the room with laughter. Vanderprov…


Fall months are for spring fashions

When you think of New York, London, Milan, Paris and Tokyo, you can’t help but think about the one thing that brings them all together: fashion. Every September October, fashion’s elite flock to these cities’ runways to see “ready-to-wear” collections intended for the spring of the following year. Here’s a recap of what we’ve witnessed…

dr.abdul el-sayed

Candidates for governor look to students

Last Wednesday, Sept. 27,the Hope Democrats club hosted Dr. Abdul El-Sayed,the former Detroit HealthCommissioner, Michigan native and Democratic gubernatorial candidate for the 2018 election. Club President Julia Fulton (’19)and vice-President Irene Gerrish(’19) organized a student leader panel with Dr. El-Sayed prior to a town hall, a meeting open to the public’s concerns. Fulton and Gerrish…