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SAC showcases student talent

On Friday, April 22, Hope College’s Student Activities Committee (SAC) hosted one of its most popular events of the year: The Really Big Talent Show. Every year, students audition to showcase their talents to the entire campus community. Read more > >


City eyes super-fast fiber plan

After Google began rolling out its Google Fiber internet service in 2010 to select cities, web users around the country have been salivating over the opportunities that access to an ultra-high-speed internet connection would provide. Now the city of Holland is studying different options as it looks to roll out its own municipally-owned fiber offering to city and business residents through the Holland Board of Public Works (BPW) the entity that currently provides electrical and water service. Read more >>



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British referendum to leave EU in June

Brexit, a shorthand term for the British exit from the European Union, could be a defining moment in both Britain and Europe’s history. On June 23, 2016, Brits across the United Kingdom will head to the polls to vote for the U.K. to either leave the EU or continue on course as part of the union. Read more >










A graduating senior's defense of the Hope College 'cocoon'

As a senior, perhaps it is natural that the last few weeks have been a period of relative reflection on my time at Hope. As the senioritis kicks in, my thoughts have often turned from the task at hand to broader questions about what I have gained over the last four years.Read more > >



NFL off-season changes abound

Not all of the action of the National Football League happens
during the regular season. Player, coach and draft pick choices being picked up, dropped and traded indicate differences in teams’ chemistry that might change the very fabric of the league. This past offseason, many changes occurred that may potentially have profound changes in the world of the NFL. Here’s a quick update. Read more >>