Stools removed from Kletz because they “look too much like a bar”

Early Monday morning The Anchor inquired about the missing stools lining the middle of the BSC, often filled with customers of Kletz market. We spoke with an anonymous Kletz employee to get the inside scoop. The chair removal took place over the weekend when students were not in the building, presumably in the early morning hours. This was done as to not create a disturbance and to keep curiosity at a low level, though the next day seemed to do exactly the opposite.

With students constantly asking what happened to the stools and if they would be back, we found out that no, they are gone for good. The reason, according to this anonymous witness: “They look too much like bar stools. We try to spread the word about Hope being a dry campus but with stools situated like this it really gives the wrong impression.” It was stated that the stools are unnecessary because the tables are tall enough to stand and do work, but students had other opinions on the matter. 

One student stated, “I do my work here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but because there are no more stools I will have to go downtown to the pub to get the same experience. It really isn’t the same at the low tables.” 

Another student went as far as to bring their own stool, but they were quickly asked to leave by a Kletz employee. “It is really hard as a student employee because I have to enforce rules that I don’t make. Well, that is the life of a service worker I guess,” said the anonymous employee. Kletz has been trying to stay on top of questions and frustrated students, though it proves nearly impossible. 

Hope makes it a point to make students aware of the dry campus rules. “Unfortunately we can’t be a dry campus and let stools like that be tempting our students. The sheer height of them is completely unreasonable and gives the wrong impression to families touring during this time,” said President Scogin in an interview. 

Posters are being worked on to make students aware of the change, and to let them know of other seating options such as standing, sitting on the floor or sitting on the table. “Honestly I believe that there are so many other options, we really don’t need those stools stinking up our campus,” said another student. 

It is evident that there are differing opinions on this decision. It is known that the stools will not be returning, and students are not permitted to bring their own stools. Lawn chairs are permitted because they are small and do not give the impression of a bar like the tall stools do. Seats that are two feet or less are permitted by approval only. On a case by case basis, students can submit a request to bring their own seating. Unfortunately this is going to be very strict, and witnesses say it is better to just sit on the floor rather than going through the tedious process. The form includes dimensions of the chair, weight, pictures from all angles, a picture of Dutch sitting in the chair (for size reference) and a signature from someone in the Holland community, literally any person. Because of the long process students will probably be opting for the floor or to sit on top of the tables. 

The Anchor will be on top of any updates to the seating arrangement, but for now it is each person for themselves. Floor, table, kneeling, standing, or “anything other than those awful stools that send a hideous message,” is acceptable, according to one administrator.

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