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You might be a feminist

Feminism has a bad reputation and nearly always has. The word “feminist” brings up mental images of angry, man-hating bra-burners who are ugly, always single and al- ways mean. The simple truth is that many people don’t want to be educated on what feminism really means because they don’t want to deal with the fact…

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Eastern Conference playoffs intensify

Last week, I forced the entire Hope College community to read through my predictions for the first round of the playoffs, in the Western Conference. Instead, this week I won’t necessarily have predictions, but I will highlight certain key components, which I think would have a significant impact in the shaping up of the series,…


NBA Western Conference predictions

The only three words in  existence that supersede “I love  you” happen to be “NBA playoff  basketball.” Thankfully, this year’s  match ups show an interesting  pair of dominance and high  expectations, with the future  of certain teams like the Los  Angeles Clippers hanging by a  thread. Here are my personal  predictions, for the first round…

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Using butterfly effect for a renewed world

Reusing, reducing and recycling: effective actions or solely common good beliefs? In too many cases of environmental degradation, good intentions are morphed into excuses for the rapidly increasing clutter, carbon and catastrophe that plagues our growing world. In the very economic “Theory of Good Intentions,” Dr. Paul Niehaus, an economics professor at the University of…


French elections

The 2017 French presidential election cycle has been as wild of a ride as the 2016 U.S. counter-part. The French elections are held in a different method than the way we conduct them in the U.S. France has a first election comparable to the primaries and caucuses held before the U.S. general election. After the…


College basketball keeps heating up

College basketball is so far living up to my expectations. Being a huge basketball fan, I have seen many crazy things throughout this year with Indiana’s shocking upset to Fort Wayne before thanksgiving break, to Michigan State’s surprising, underachieving, 2016-17 campaign. We should tip our hats to Fort Wayne for playing at home against the…