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Electric automotives: A solution or a problem?

In early September, China announced their plan to eventually ban gasoline-powered cars. Not too soon after, California may do something similar if regulators ban the internal combustion engine entirely. With the push for the automotive industry to shift toward electric vehicles (EV), several large automakers have announced some form of “electrification” within the next few…


It’s time for Halloween movies

With October coming to a close next week, there’s one thing on everyone’s minds, and that’s Halloween. Costumes have been picked, decorations have been set, and pumpkins have been carved; the only thing left to do is curl up and watch a spooky movie. But which ones? Listed below are three options for your entertainment….


Your Jokes Aren’t Funny

A few weeks ago, I was passing through the hallway in my residence hall when I overheard someone speaking to one of their friends. They were exiting another room just as I was entering mine, so it was pure chance of timing that their comment reached my ears. The comment, which I will not quote…