National Girls and Women in Sports Day

National Girls and Women in Sports Day is coming up! On Tuesday, Feb. 6, Hope College will be hosting middle school girls in the West Michigan area for a special event. Hope’s female student athletes will be running the evening activities at the Dow Center. This is an amazing opportunity for Hope students to connect with the surrounding community and give back.

National Girls and Women in Sports Day is a time to celebrate all of the amazing achievements that women have made in the field of athletics and the strides that some of the first women in sports made, in order to establish the strong and growing groundwork that there is today.

The Women’s Sports Foundation was founded in 1974 by tennis phenomenon Billie Jean King to create a platform for girls to enter the world of athletics. Girls have the same right to the immense opportunities that sports present and this day celebrates what women have accomplished in this realm thus far. Encouraging girls to be active and build character through sports is so important. That is why this event is a great way for Hope athletes to step up and serve. Go athletes! Go girls! Go Hope!

Looking beyond this event, encouraging female athletics is something we should do every day. Appreciating what some of the strongest women have been able to achieve, along with supporting any girl’s dream, cannot be overlooked or set aside. Women are strong, courageous, bold and determined. Take any determined girl who has her mind set on something and I guarantee you that you will not want to be the one to stand in her way. Being part of a sport takes diligence, dedication and grit. The character building that comes along with athletics is so valuable. So celebrate women in sports, celebrate men in sports, but most of all celebrate what sports can and have done for everyone.

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