Memorable moments from Pyeongchang

Olympics aren’t over yet, but let’s recap some standout performances for the U.S. team

There are only a few short  days left in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics,  but no worries! There are still many more medals to be won. However, there have been an array of memorable moments  throughout the Olympic season thus far. Anywhere from big  wins, crazy crashes and shocking defeats, the Olympics are  sure to grab anybody’s attention. They are an opportunity  to come together and compete  on a different platform to represent your country. There really is something for everyone in  the Olympic season, even if you aren’t a regular sports fan.

For instance, look at celebrity Leslie Jones, who has brought her own spice and humor to the Olympics. Not only does she have a live reel of tweets, but catch her on an interview with Seth Myers where he mentions the word Olympics and she screams, “Slay all day, baby. Slay all day, USA.” She also destroyed a bathroom when she was little because she was trying to be Nadia Comaneci. The interview is worth a watch if you want to laugh.

Really, the Olympics are not like other sporting events, and with so many different sports,  there has to be something you find entertaining. Whether you want the grace of figure skating mixed with its glitz and glam and crowd gasping falls, the crazy intensity of alpine skiing and snowboard halfpipe, or the trend of curling where you can hear people yell “sweep” at the top of their lungs. There is an event that is sure to grab your attention.

However, if you’ve missed most of the action, don’t fret! You still have a few more days to  see some gold placed around individuals’ necks. Here is a recap  of some memorable moments for the USA.

Gold for White

Starting with a personal favorite, we look onto the legend himself: Shaun White. The  31-year-old made his fourth winter Olympics appearance something the snowboarding world will never forget. After a second place run and a spill in round two, White had his fans worried. After round two, the young, Japanese all-star Ayumu Hirano put up a massive 95.25. The score looked like it could stand when White missed a landing just moments later in a  set of back-to-back 1440s. However, the two-time halfpipe gold  medalist wasn’t in the business of silver medals. In the final run of the event, White threw down a 97.75 run by nailing his 1440s and adding in a classic “White McTwist.” After a disappointing fourth place at the Sochi games in 2014, White took a season off to recover and refocus. Many thought he was done, but with another gold around his neck, who knows what’s next for White as the rare sight of tears  streamed down his face as he hugged his beloved family who have been with him all the way.

The first triple axel

Ladies single free skater Mirai Nagasu made history by  landing the first ever triple axel in competition by an American woman. She is only the third to do so from any country. The triple axel gave Nagasu a second place finish for team USA in the figure skating team event. We will wait to see if she can pull out the triple axel once again in individual competition.


What better thing to do when you’re 17 then blow everyone’s expectations out of the water. Sharing the podium with two Canadian veterans, Red Gerard’s  gold is one to go down in history. Plus he earned himself the  first gold medal for the U.S. Gerard has proven to be quite the  character too. The young snowboarder slept in, misplaced his  jacket and dropped the F-bomb on live TV all in one day. That’s right, the day he won the gold. Gerard posted an 87.16 score to earn himself the medal. Plus, his Instagram story posed Gerard holding his gold around his neck  with the word “woah.” The Ohioborn kid moved to Colorado  when he was young, where he and his many siblings built their own little terrain park in their backyard. Now Gerard goes home with a gold and a whole group of followers who love the young phenomenon.

History in the making

Who can forget about Mikaela Shiffrin who has made  history. At 18, she became the youngest slalom champion in Olympic history, and then she came back to take another giant slalom gold medal. She is now tied for the most Olympic gold  medals won by an American in alpine skiing. The win, although big, was no surprise to the U.S. It’s safe to say that Shiffrin lived up to the hype.

Halfpipe queen

A whole 8.5 points ahead of the silver medalist, Chloe Kim’s 98.25 run blew the minds of halfpipe fans. The queen of the halfpipe made history with two  back-to-back 1080s on her victory run. Her 93.25 secured her  the gold in the first round but Kim wanted to end on an even higher note. She hit a big run and glided down the slope to hug Lia Jiayu (CHN) and fellow American Arielle Gold, who would share the podium with her.

Shib Sibs

Although the practically flawless Canadians beat Alex and Maia Shibutani in the team short event for ice dancing, the Shibutani’s are making their mark so far in Pyeongchang. The brother and sister duo keep a vlog to stay connected to fans and family around the world as they travel, train and compete to be the best ice skating duo. The Canadian pair (who only barely lost to American’s Charlie White and Meryl Davis back at Sochi in 2014) will make it a tough time for the Shib Sibs as they try to overcome the fierce Canadian duo. However, the two siblings are a fun pair to keep up with. The U.S. won bronze in the team event.

Whether you’ve kept up with all the action or haven’t even thought to watch the highlight reel, be sure to catch some of the final events of the Olympic games. You’re sure to be at the edge of your seat at some point during alpine skiing and sit in awe of the beauty and grace of figure skating. Take some time to cheer on the U.S. through the final stretch in the medal race.

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