There is Space for Love

During this pandemic, which has affected all of our lives at this point in some capacity, it is nice to reflect on happy times not that long ago. Last week, during the start of spring break when it was still okay to travel and campus had just gone online for three weeks after break, I and my now-fiancé flew out to Arizona. We had planned this trip since Christmas and knew the risk we were taking with the presence of the coronavirus in the United States.

We wore masks in the airports, as well as gloves, while also dousing our hands in sanitizer often. I was surprised at the number of people traveling, yet I should not have been that surprised—we were traveling too. Yet, what really struck us was the amount of people not wearing masks and gloves while traveling. We flew through three airports over the course of our trip: DTW, PHX and DAL. More people were wearing personal protection equipment on our returning flights.

We went to the Grand Canyon on the Monday of spring break like we planned, where my boyfriend proposed to me. It was such a special time, and my fiancé and I are so happy. We had to hike east of the large crowds at Maher Point at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to practice social distancing, yet the views were still breathtaking. While gazing at one of the natural wonders of the world, I was reminded of the power and beauty of God and his creation.

Choosing to fly home three days early in order to avoid airports closing and to prevent exposing my grandparents (with whom we were staying) to illness was a wise choice. I am happy to say that my grandparents, my fiancé and I are all currently healthy and doing well.

Even in the midst of crisis and uncertainty, life events are still happening. Babies are being born, couples are getting engaged and married, first words are being said and healing is taking place. Let us not forget those who need help and support most at this time though: the sick, hungry and hurting. Love is still in motion in our world, and it is and will be the love and support of family and friends that will help carry us through—even if it is all virtual.

As a college community, we are bound together by the love of God and each other, even if we are all in different places. Love people well and stay connected safely!


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Photo taken by Grace Alex



Grace Alex (December ‘20) is a Copy Editor who joined the Anchor team in spring of 2020. She is an English major and member of the Alpha Gamma Phi Sorority. Some of her passions include reading and analyzing literature, writing poetry and literature analysis papers, traveling and running. She is currently a barista in Holland and plans to pursue a career in editing and publishing. Grace loves Hope and has come to love West Michigan, especially being so close to beautiful Lake Michigan.

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