What SAC is all about

Student Activities Committee (SAC) is a group of students that work together to plan, organize and oversee the activities provided for Hope College students. I joined SAC during my sophomore year because I thought all of the members were so bubbly, nice and fun to be around. Even though it was the peak of COVID-19, I appreciated that they still tried to maintain a presence on campus and provide some entertainment or a break from our normal routine during COVID-19-regulated freshman year. I liked the community aspect of the club and that they could provide something for the entire campus community to enjoy. However, when going to SAC events as a freshman, I knew they were not set up how they normally would be prior to COVID-19. They had signups because there could not be too many people in the same room at a time, some events were held outside in not-so-nice weather, and then some had to be replanned as indoor events if the weather was not cooperating. 

During my sophomore year on SAC, we still had to deal with COVID-19, even if it was to a lesser extent than the years prior. Our big event last spring, Winter Fantasia, had to be canceled because of a spike in COVID-19 numbers which deemed the event unsafe for students to attend. However, we were still able to provide decorations in Cook Dining Hall and give out the delicious food we would have eaten at that event in downtown Grand Rapids. SAC works hard to make events possible, and even though it stinks when things out of our control affect our events, we still strive to maintain a happy attitude and presence in the campus community. 

Now, we are able to work our way back to normal capacities and activities, and we could not be happier. We hosted eight events in the month of September, which was a lot to handle but we loved being able to see Hope students enjoying themselves and continuing the SAC traditions. These SAC events for this fall semester included the SAC Concert featuring Hot Chelle Rae, Foam Party, Fall Fest, and more! Our upcoming events include Coffeehouse on Thursday nights, SAC Movie Nights, SAC Game Show, and a study break before finals week. Come join us for some entertainment or to learn more about SAC and its members. 

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