Unique new clubs available to join

Yoga Club

Led by Sophia VanderKooy (’20) and Alaina Streberger (’20), Hope Yoga seeks to “allow a space for all students to learn about and practice yoga,” in the words of Streberger. VanderKooy says, “We strive to make Hope Yoga affordable, inclusive and accessible. We want everyone who walks into our practice to feel comfortable and capable. As of now, our club consists of a wide range of students from those who have been practicing for years to those who started this semester! We want to keep this diverse spirit at the center as we continue to grow.” The club explores many different aspects of yoga. Streberger shares that “there are numerous styles of traditional and modern yoga that have influenced our western society, and we want to encourage students to learn about the many aspects of yoga by partnering with local studios and organizations. We want to open up classes for students with all backgrounds and create a positive environment. We want to spread the word that you do not have to be able to touch your toes to come to class! I believe that yoga has the potential to impact the physical and mental health of busy college students. At the beginning of each practice, I encourage students to quiet their minds and find rest in the midst of a busy week.

When we take time to be mindful, we have the ability to translate this into our everyday lives.” Both VanderKooy and Streberger have been involved in the practice of yoga for some time. Streberger shares, “I started practicing yoga at the beginning of high school, and it soon became part of my everyday life. Through my studio at home, Living Waters Yoga, I trained to become a yoga instructor and received my RYT 200 certification. I began teaching to a small group of friends at Hope, and almost two years later, our practice has grown tremendously. Sophia and I have worked alongside an incredible group of students who are passionate about spreading yoga, and we are excited to get a chance to put all of our dreams into action.” VanderKooy has been involved in yoga for even longer: “I started practicing yoga in middle school and have come to understand the empowerment that lies in its simplicity. Of course, we both love practicing (but mostly falling out of) shoulder stands and different inversions, but we like to emphasize that practicing yoga is about the mindset.” To all those considering joining this community, VanderKooy shares that “Hope Yoga aims to provide as many students as possible with the skills needed to slow down, stretch and reconnect in the midst of college craziness.” As of now, they practice every Thursday night at the Dow from 8-9 p.m. and on Sunday mornings somewhere between 6:45-8 a.m. depending on the week.

To make sure you stay up to date on the schedule, follow their Instagram (@hopeyogaa) and join their Facebook page (Hope College Flow Yoga). In addition, they volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club every Thursday from 4-5 p.m. to spread yoga throughout the community and to provide new or aspiring student instructors the opportunity to lead practice in front of a smaller and ess intimidating audience. VanderKooy states, “We are so grateful for the many ways in which Hope has welcomed us as a student group and we are excited for the future. Feel free to email us (yogaclub@hope.edu) with any questions, comments or concerns.


A community of comic-lovers has been united this past year by ComiClub president Hannah Barnes (’19) and faculty advisor Mark Lewison. August marked the beginning of this endeavor and the club has since doubled its membership. Students, faculty and even community members are welcome to join this organization. Members come together on the last Tuesday night of every month in the Library’s Cup and Chaucer to discuss the latest goingson in the comic world, enjoying free coffee and treats during the conversation. Topics span from attendees’ favorite or least-enjoyed comics to their take on any new Marvel or DC movie that may have come out recently. Last Saturday, 18 students, faculty and community members involved in the club attended a showing of the newest Marvel movie, “Captain Marvel.” When asked what she thought of the film, ComiClub president Barnes said, “I can’t say much without spoiling it, but I will say that there are a lot of really good Marvel moments in the movie. Carol (Captain Marvel) is a very dynamic character—not something you usually see in female movie characters. She is able to be a real human being in the movie, which is really cool to see.” Barnes has been interested in the comic world since middle school. “Iron Man was just playing on TV once, and I was like ‘I really enjoy this.’ Now I have a mild obsession, and there’s no going back. I’m invested; Marvel owns my wallet.” In addition to Marvel movies, Barnes is also interested in “web comics.” These are a more accessible, digital form of comics written by independent creators and posted online. Attendees of ComiClub will be able to discuss these new, creative ways of pursuing a passion for comics as well as some of the old classics. Barnes sums it all up with the following statement: “If you want to check out some comics, come join us at ComiClub on the last Tuesday of every month!”

Fashion Club

Pursuing their passion for fashion, Catherine Lane and Liz Leon have started Hope’s first Fashion Club. They both have the desire to continue their love for the artistic and business aspects of this industry after college, and they want to open up this avenue for Hope students as well. Although the first meeting was only on Monday, Leon has a clear vision for the future. “We hope to have more of the students’ voices speaking out instead of just us leading discussion. We wanted to start the club so that everyone on campus who is interested in fashion can speak up and share their skills.” Lane also shares that “field trips are a big part of our club.” The two leaders will plan trips that range from conversations with the owners of small businesses in Holland all the way to larger fashion industries in Grand Rapids. The Fashion Club’s advisor has connections with the daughter of the owner of Vera Bradley, and the two leaders hope to take club members and other interested Hope students on a field trip to learn about that aspect of the industry. Not only will they offer excursion, Leon and Lane have paired with the Boerigter Center to put on a fashion show next fall here on campus. They hope to show students creative examples of how to dress for an interview, what the phrase “business casual” actually means, and more. This up-and-coming club promises to fulfill a passion for those on campus who have not yet explored the world of the fashion industry

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