Downtown Holland coffee tour: The 205 Coffee Bar

Located on Columbia Ave (right across the street from Dykstra Residence Hall), The 205 Coffee Bar is one of Holland’s newest coffee shops. Having opened in 2017, its modern and artistic space was fully embraced by the people of Holland. Its exterior is unique with beautiful murals and garage-door windows that open in the summers. This open-air seating is distinct to 205, allowing for customers to enjoy both the indoor environment and the lovely weather. Its interior design is welcoming, modern and spacious, providing an accessible workspace for the residents of Holland and students of Hope College.  

Lily Coulthard (’25) goes to the 205 Coffee Bar around twice a week. “I live in Dykstra so it is just right across the street,” she said. Coulthard mentioned that she really enjoys the environment and the hospitality. “I just love the atmosphere,” Coulthard said, “I’ll sit down and do my homework and they will always bring me my coffee.” 

205’s garage door windows allow for open-air seating in the summer

“The employees are so social,” she said, “I feel like they really make a connection with their customers.” Coulthard appreciates their intentional service, specifically mentioning her interactions with the owner of the coffee bar. “We get to know each other,” she said, “and every time I order, she’ll ask me questions about my life.” 

Maddy Struck (’25) admitted that the 205 Coffee Bar is her favorite coffee shop downtown because of their delicious lattes and welcoming atmosphere. “The outside is pretty and it’s really cute inside,” she said, “and I love the artwork in there.”

With various unique specialty lattes on their menu, the 205 offers various unique specialty lattes, such as the Vietnamese latte (vanilla, condensed milk, coconut cream, and cinnamon) or Brazen latte (chocolate, coconut cream, and local cayenne honey). “I like the unique flavors they have for the lattes,” Struck said, “They have flavors that you can’t get anywhere else, and I can tell that they are housemade.”

The 205 Coffee Bar has a large menu full of various unique lattes, on-tap nitro cold brew and kombucha, along with a variety of baked goods. The 205 Coffee Bar supports other local businesses, using Stovetop Roasters coffee beans and partnering with deBoer Bakkerij by serving their baked goods. “I’m gluten-free,” said Coulthard, “and 205 has gluten-free donuts, and they are so good.” 

The 205 proudly uses Stovetop Roasters coffee beans for their beverages.

The 205 Coffee Bar is also known for its delicious waffles and avocado toast. “There is a churro one with cinnamon and sugar and whip cream, which is so good,” Struck commented. Coulthard chose to take her parents to 205 for Hope’s Parents Weekend, “My parents got the avocado toast with egg and said they loved it,” she said. 

“The only thing I don’t like is the price and the hours,” said Struck, noticing that the two biggest inconveniences of the 205 Coffee Bar are their limited hours and pricey menu times. Struck mentioned that she doesn’t go very often because it is so expensive. But this doesn’t prevent Hope students from stopping by 205 to enjoy the atmosphere, delicious lattes, and baked goods. 

Here are a few drink recommendations from Hope students:

  • The Vietnamese Latte: “My favorite drink is the Vietnamese latte,” Struck said, “It’s really good and it has coconut cream and cinnamon and condensed milk in it.” 
  • Iced Caramel Latte
  • White Mocha Raspberry Latte with Oat Milk: “This is one of their specials right now and it’s really good,” said Struck. 
  • 205 House Blend Drip Coffee

Next time you need a caffeine boost or a delicious breakfast, stop by The 205 Coffee Bar to enjoy their modern space and specialty lattes. 

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