MOAB dropped

Trump has yet again made headlines this week, this time for dropping a MOAB. What’s the MOAB? The MOAB is the “mother of all bombs.” It was dropped on an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan last week. Touted as the largest non nuclear bomb ever, the MOAB had never been dropped in combat before and it’s…

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China, US meet but tensions remain

This week has been a wild one in terms of the U.S. and its relation to the World. Most strikingly, of course, were the missile strikes leveled against Syria. Trump authorized these as a chastisement for the use of chemical attacks that were used against the Syrian people earlier in the week. These strikes became…

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Using butterfly effect for a renewed world

Reusing, reducing and recycling: effective actions or solely common good beliefs? In too many cases of environmental degradation, good intentions are morphed into excuses for the rapidly increasing clutter, carbon and catastrophe that plagues our growing world. In the very economic “Theory of Good Intentions,” Dr. Paul Niehaus, an economics professor at the University of…


Bee-coming greener in Holland, MI

By: Sriracha Maserati Life is greener than ever! Not only are the plants flourishing on this land, but agriculture is restored with the help of the Bees Engaging in Environmental Society. Also known as BEES, this group formed when several scientists from Holland, MI had dropped all their lifelong re search studies and decided to…


Donald J. Trump Memorial receives approval

By: Sam Witwicky After receiving approval from the Senate Committee of Historical Landmarks in a unanimous vote, the memorial commemorating Donald J. Trump’s eight years of impeccable service to his country will begin construction in July. Following a highly anticipated two year anniversary rally that had originally been planned as a dual 4th of July/…