Rethinking development in the modern world

  Divisions can often make up the true barriers of the modern world. With classifications that separate countries from one  another, the network of interconnectedness and similarities  between nations can be hard to see. However, as these division shift and change with progress and regress, their definitions  often do not account for the holistic well-being…


Winter Olympics highlights unity in Korea

  The Winter Olympics’ closing ceremony was held on Sunday, where all attending could see a brilliant display of fireworks, coordinated light shows with drones and people alike, K-Pop,  and the phenomenal performance of young Yang Tae-Hwan  to celebrate the achievements. While the main attention was on the medals and athletic displays  by representatives of…


A deep analysis of the Mueller investigation

  On Friday, former FBI Director Robert Mueller III released an additional set of indictments pertaining to his special investigation into the 2016 presidential election. Mueller, alongside his tightly-aligned special counsel, was assigned to extirpate or substantiate claims concerning Russian collusion or interference in the recent 2016 election. After long deliberation, Mueller authorized the full…