Presidential candidates square off in their first debate


LEADING CANDIDATES FACE OFF— On Monday Presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met for the first of three presidential debates. (Photo: USA Today)

Presidential Nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both came out swinging in Monday’s debate. Between the accusations of poor judgement and leadership capability, both candidates equally targeted each other on issues across the board. Trump and Clinton both stuck to their guns amid cries of flip-flopping with a focus on fact checking for the first time in this election. Clinton even went as far as to turn her website into a Trump statement fact checker. Trump advocated for tariffs on companies who leave the US while never addressing his plan for tax reform. Clinton addressed her plan for tax reform, but like Trump, avoided the specifics.

Clinton coined Trump’s tax plan as “Trumped Up Trickle Down Economics” while Trump accused Clinton’s proposed regulations of stifling an already stifled economy. They took turns discussing national security and the fight against Islamic State, and they also addressed the racial tensions across the nation. While Clinton pandered to the populations of America’s inner cities, Trump examined the harsh realities faced by the impoverished citizens of America’s inner cities with an emphasis on Chicago.

When they let each other get words in, they continued to discuss America’s foreign policy abroad. Trump was a firm advocate that as Americans, “we cannot be the policemen of the world.” He called into question the United States’ relationship with NATO, Japan and South Korea, accusing them of not paying their “fair share” for the protection Trump believes America provides them. Hillary reaffirmed the treaties and alliances America has made while affirming she would not be a weak leader in regard to America’s foreign policy.

All in all, the debate was characterized by a lack of mediation and argumentative debates about issues that may or may not have fallen within the scope of the questions asked. This debate was predicted to have had over one hundred million viewers, making this the most widely publicized debate in America’s history. With two more on the horizon, it is anyone’s guess how they will go.

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