Midterm elections through Leader McCarthy

In previous copies of the Anchor, the In Brief section has been devoted to the United States House of Representatives schedule. The House schedule is set by the majority leader, Kevin McCarthy of California. As the midterm elections loom large over House Republicans, Leader McCarthy has begun to take charge as he eyes the speakership or the minority leader position, depending on the outcome in November. However, this leadership comes with conflict within the party.

If Republicans were to keep the House, it would be by a small margin and many members of the conservative Freedom Caucus would attempt to influence the leadership positions that McCarthy is after. This being said, there are plenty of people who would be up for leadership positions in the Republican party that are disliked by many within the House. Due to the slim majority, getting approval votes would not be easy for anyone, Democrat majority or not. If the Republicans hold on to the majority in November, McCarthy would most likely receive credit. His experience as the majority leader and his ability to push legislation through the House will come in handy with the slim majority.

As a result, there seems to be a high chance that the Republican from California would receive the speakership. On the other hand, if Democrats take the gavel after the midterms, McCarthy will have to win more than half of the conference in a secret ballot to receive the minority leadership position. After a loss in November, McCarthy would be forced to collect votes from allies who may be uncertain of his leadership. McCarthy has been attempting to insulate himself from challenges through combining old, establishment politics with the new. He has been cautious about the upcoming midterms. He has attempted to help steer the agenda of other Republicans in an effort to bolster campaigns and secure seats.

Thus far, Leader McCarthy has raised $60 million and has visited numerous districts. In either situation, Kevin McCarthy has done an excellent job in shoring up his flaws in an attempt to protect the Republican majority and simultaneously elevate his chances at becoming the Speaker. The question still remains, will the predicted blue wave sweep America? Or will the Republicans skate by? The polls are too close to call.


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