Hillary Clinton’s health interferes with the 2016 election


ABRUPT EXIT — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton quickly exited the ceremony and had to be helped by her security, which was due to a medical episode of dehydration and overheating, according to her campaign. (Photo: Naples Herald)


15TH ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11 — New York honors veterans by placing yellow roses on the names of those killed from the terrorist attacks who served in the U.S. military. (Photo: The Record)

Unexpected departure from the September 11 memorial service leaves several confused

On the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, one of our highly polarizing presidential candidates stole the spotlight yet again. Lately, it has been Donald Trump inserting himself into the front pages of newspapers, websites and evening news segments around the country, but on Sunday, it was Hillary Clinton who dominated the press. After receiving conflicting reports of the unknown health complication at the 9/11 ceremony, it was determined that Hillary Clinton left the ceremony early needing assistance to get into her motorcade. She then appeared outside of her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to reassure the press and voters that she was “feeling great!”

Later on in the day, the Clinton campaign told reporters that Hillary Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia after a prolonged cough. According to the New York Times, Clinton was put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule in order to better fight the illness.

Between a grueling campaign schedule and physical and close contact with several thousands of people, the idea of illness on the campaign trail only seems logical. It is instead the issue of transparency that makes Clinton’s illness a much bigger issue than it already is. People get sick regardless of their age because we are all simply human. By not alerting the press and voters of an illness that clearly had an effect on her campaign when it was originally diagnosed, Clinton reinforces what Dr. David Ryden, chair of the political science department, called “the Clinton Modus Operandi,” and the view of her as untrustworthy.

Dr. Ryden also commented in this interview about the subject that the general view of the Clintons as secretive and untrustworthy follows them from their time in the White House between 1993 and 2001. In addition, this is “one of the biggest problems or obstacles in her campaign.” This issue also calls to attention the lack of press conferences within her campaign. Between the lack of transparency in the handling of her health complication at the 9/11 memorial event, the lack of access to her by the press core and the history of transparency issues, she faces an uphill battle in winning the American people’s trust.

As we grow closer and closer to election day, the realistic fears that we as voters have about the two leading candidates become much more clear. Clinton and Trump both cater to fairly distinct voters and have had a polarizing effect on the national political stage. Donald Trump has brought in more voters to the Republican party than any other contemporary in recent history and at the same time has angered a large portion of the Republican elite that includes the Bush family and Mitt Romney. On the other hand, Clinton’s mere nomination to the Democratic ticket has alienated many Bernie Sanders supporters, and at the same time forced Clinton to become more progressive in her views. We are less than two months away from election day and an already ridiculous cycle of elections is on its way to arguably becoming one of the wildest in history.

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