CIA looks to confirm intel on Saudi Prince

In previous installments at The Anchor, the situation in Saudi Arabia has been portrayed as information comes to light. While most of the killers of the Washington Post reporter remain at large, many in the political realm are looking to intelligence agencies to seek out the orchestrator of this particular horrendous attack. As of right now, per intel from the Turkish government, Jamal Khashoggi was found to be murdered in the Saudi Arabian consulate within Turkey at the hands of multiple hitmen.

The journalist was directed to the consulate in order to obtain a license for his divorce, which would allow him to remarry. Currently in opposition of President Donald Trump, at the behest of the revitalized Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, the CIA seems to be in search for any confirmation that Prince bin Salman had ordered the killing of Saudi journalist, Khashoggi. Senator Graham has stated that if found guilty, he will push to have Mohammad bin Salman sanctioned. Graham along with some of his colleagues have requested a detailed intelligence briefing this coming week to find out whether the information is correct that the CIA has “high confidence” that bin Salman ordered the assassination of the Washington Post columnist. Graham stated, “if the evidence is sufficient to conclude with high probability that MBS was complicit in this murder, then I will take steps to do a sense of the Senate resolution making that statement… it’s important that we back up the intel community if we think they’re right.”

Additionally the Senator from South Carolina averred, “what I would also do in my resolution is also look at other behavior of MBS that has been very erratic and disruptive: the handling of the Yemen war, the bizarre episode with the prime minister from Lebanon and the embargo of Qatar without any consultation.” Democratic Senator Bob Menendez has also been working side by side with Sen. Graham toward harsher sanctions placed on Saudi Arabia to serve as a punishment for the murder. At the moment, it does not look as if the Khashoggi ordeal is fading away as once hoped by the Saudi government. Additionally, this fight looks to carry over into the new term. Thus, newly elected officials in opposition to the sitting president, who, last Tuesday, declared his loyalty to the Saudis and suggested that he was not concerned about the CIA’s report. He stated that the world is “very dangerous,” and this murder should not affect the relationship that America has with Saudi Arabia.


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