What’s Kanye West up to?

As anyone who follows Kanye West’s Instagram account knows, he has been going through a lot lately. While Yeezy’s recent divorce and end of his record deal would be hard on anyone, he seems to have taken it in an unexpected way.

What began as harassment and badgering of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian soon grew into something much larger. Every day, West would post, seemingly at random, pictures of text messages and photoshopped images, which detailed his love for Kardashian, and his contempt towards her new boyfriend Pete Davidson. Ye even gave him his own derogatory moniker, dubbing him “Skete”.

Kardashian and Davidson began dating in October of 2021.

While many have attempted to traverse Mr. West’s Beautiful Dark Twisted mind, few answers have been found as to what “Skete” means. Some have said that it’s a reference to clay pigeons, small discs used for target practice with guns, which are sometimes referred to as “skeet”. But this clearly makes no sense. Another theory is that Skete is a portmanteau of “skank” and “Pete,” but this theory has no real evidence. West’s beef with Davidson had escalated to the point where Davidson deleted his Instagram account due to the negative comments and mentions he was receiving from West’s supporters.

One of the more confusing aspects of this already confusing debacle has been West’s recent act of following seemingly random internet rappers. The most annoying of them is a New Jersey rapper who goes by the handle @prodbyzaqq. The rapper, presumably named Zach, had very few followers until West decided to follow him. He responded by commenting overly supportive things all over Ye’s page, including “Ye>>>Skete”, “They like to call Ye crazy but they jus ain’t understand genius” and the now-infamous “Ye da (goat emoji) no (cap emoji).” The last of which he made into a song on YouTube, which, according to Samuel Hyland, a staff writer at Vanderbilt College, is “unspeakably repulsive. Hearing the song feels a lot like what hardworking parents must go through when their son, who quit his job to focus on rap, decides to play a few painful selections at Thanksgiving dinner.”

Needless to say, while West is clearly going through some stuff, he does have a new album coming out soon: “Donda 2.” Yeezy has been known to pull off some crazy stunts in order to promote his music. While he may truly be hurting, we have to understand that celebrities are not really human, as the majority of them sold their souls to the Masonic Temple in order to achieve that fame. Therefore, any emotion a celebrity claims to have is either fake or evidence of demonic possession. So it’s best to not have too much sympathy.

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