Study Abroad Could be for You

Earlier this week there was an off campus study fair, but if you missed it, fear not. There are many ways to get involved in one of Hope’s over 300 off campus study programs. Off campus study takes on many different shapes and forms for Hope students, ranging from domestic to  international. There are also differences in the duration of the study abroad, meaning one can choose to study away from campus all semester or simply a May, June or July term over the summer. Through these trips students learn about different cultures, languages and lifestyles through actual experiences that they have. Study abroad builds job resumes and acts as an academic semester, with transfer of financial aid and the ability to take select courses at nearby colleges. One should begin to look at study abroad options early and talk to advisors about what trip suits both your travel and academic interests. Here are a few to check out:


Chicago Semester:

If you are looking to stay fairly local and not leave the country, the Chicago semester may be the one for you. This program, located in downtown Chicago, is great for a broad range of majors. They list on their brochure art and design, theater, business, marketing, health science, social studies, nursing, social work, student teaching and more, so there is a place for you. This trip is unique in that it not only gives you a semester away from Hope, but its main purpose is to provide for you an internship while you are there. Their mission is to “partner with over 500 companies and organizations in Chicago to ensure that you receive an internship placement that will help you build valuable resume experience and professional connections within your field.” Many of these internships can end up leading to a job after college. Depending on who you are and what you are looking for, this trip could also be just in the summer for a couple of weeks. 


Oman May Term: 

If you do not want to stay in the United States, this May term in Muscat, Oman may be the one for you. Counting for a senior seminar credit (IDS 492, GLI), this May term takes you all the way to Oman where you learn about the culture and society and explore the “diverse and rich expression of Christianity in the Middle East.” This trip focuses on exploring the question of “Who is my neighbor?” Helping students to realize that this question is no longer simple and that our pool of neighbors is increasing everyday. During the trip, students will attend many different churches in Oman including Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox and Coptic churches. They will also visit an Omani village. 


Vietnam May Term: 

Another May term for those who want to explore the globe is the May term in Vietnam. Leaving May 5 and coming back May 22, these few weeks are intended to be very impactful. During the trip, the group visits cities all over the country like Ha Noi, Saigon, Da Nang, Hoi An and Ha Long. This course fulfills a history elective, global learning international credit, or senior seminar credit and will most definitely prove to be more interactive and experience-rich than an on campus class in any of these areas. The history you will be learning about is the conflicts and wars in the region you will be going to, and you will be able to see the effects right in front of you. This May term is just another way to develop “a Christian Worldview in a global context.”


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