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ROBOCOPP EXCLUSIVE — ROBOCOPP is keeping Hope’s campus safer with their connected device: The world’s smallest SOS alarm. (ROBOCOPP)

In the world today where games, videos, fitness trackers and messaging are accessible first-hand with technology, where is the tech in the way of personal safety? On over 100 campuses, including Hope College’s campus, students are carrying the sound grenade designed by ROBOCOPP to keep them safe.

ROBOCOPP is an organization and movement that believes technology can do more to increase personal safety. They follow Maslow’s Hierarchy, a pyramid levels of human needs. The basics include food and water as necessities and the level just after that is personal safety.

We are so advanced and technology is so powerful. We should be able to press a button and get immediate help. Jill Turner, Public Relations Director of ROBOCOPP, said, “We envision a future where crime is non-existent. Where criminals are able to be caught immediately.” We already have so much to worry about as a student between homework and school obligations, family and extracurriculars. We shouldn’t have to worry about being mugged or worse.

ROBOCOPP offers the startling Sound Grenade. Purely an alarm, it is simple and loud. It is a small device the size of a flash drive that releases a 120 decibel alarm when you pull the pin. The Sound Grenade has received many success stories. The company states they get them all the time, people are just so compelled to talk about how this amazing product had possibly saved their life.

Turner said, “We want to bring attention that violence is not gender specific. It is an issue for males too.” This proved evident when a customer bought the sound grenade for her son. One night as he was walking back from library, he noticed someone behind them. He crossed the street and the pursuer followed him. The student pulled his alarm, and the stalker immediately took off in the other direction. This story shows just how impactful an alarm can be on the criminal psyche. Turner shares another recent story of the success of the alarm.

This was a very special case as it happened close to their home office. They received an email one Thursday night that stated, “I got one of your devices and I forgot it was even on my key chain. As I was walking back to my car from the train station, two men approached me and asked me to hand over all my money. I pulled the alarm and they ran away.” Turner was amazed. These stories show her and ROBOCOPP that their tech is out there and doing what it is supposed to be doing: protecting people.

ROBOCOPP isn’t stopping there. Tuner has given information on their new devise the company plans on launching very soon. The world’s smallest SOS alarm is available for pre-order for 30 percent off. You can place your order for the ROBORanger today at the product Kickstarter page.

This is something the company has been working on for months. The ROBORanger alarm is basically a stand-alone design. It is much like the previous Sound Grenade but offers so much more. It looks very similar with a pin that sounds when you pull it. It is slightly louder with a 130 decibels alarm. The difference is that when you pull the alarm, your location is sent to 24-7 monitoring system where they dispatch 9-1-1 to your location. It completely stands alone, meaning it doesn’t need to be synced to a phone or any other technology. It is the first connected alarm like this in the world.

This product is out there and should be utilized. To learn more about ROBOCOPP and check out their devices, visit their website at ROBOCOPP.COM

This movement is so important to ROBOCOPP. It is time that students and people can start feeling safe in their everyday lives. ROBOCOPP and their technology are making personal safety possible.

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