Peeking behind the scenes of media

Meet Your Media was a great opportunity for members of various media organizations on Hope’s campus to mingle and meet other members of the community. Intrigued students were able to to learn more about groups they might be interested in joining.

Members of the media staff took turns in 30-minute shifts, playing games and engaging with students. The event happened on the first floor Martha Miller rotunda, and even though many students had gone home for the weekend, students continuously shuffled in and out. During the three hour period, the activities included several interesting mind-twisters, including a game to creatively layout news content. This was compelling because

The Anchor staff continues to play around with the layout of content in current editions, constantly seeking to further improve the paper. Additionally, there were several tasty food options available as the meet and greet began. This outlet provided the opportunity to not only showcase The Anchor but also to exhibit other groups, such as Broadcasting Club, OPUS and WTHS radio station. Many members were granted the opportunity to view the spaces utilized by each media organization, which are usually under lock and key. Many fun facts were to be revealed behind each door. The radio station’s room where the live recording happens is kept at quite a chilly temperature in order to avoid equipment damage that warmer conditions could potentially cause. The studio is home to many dad jokes, since the system they use to retrieve songs is titled Data Audio Delivery, or DAD for short.

The system contains a vast variety of songs across multiple music genres. The paper’s advisor, Mark Lewison, made an appearance and even participated in some of the games. Lewison moved in between different groups, speaking about different aspects of media and how the various organizations can better serve their audiences. Individual members of the Anchor flooded in and out, working in shifts while also getting the opportunity to enjoy some of the fun available to them. As the night went on, more students began to show up, leading to an overall successful evening. Media organizations are constantly seeking out new members and fresh ideas.

We encourage you to reach out to current members to find out more information. If you interested in writing for the Anchor, send us an email (

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