Original Ghostbusters take down Dutchman

In one of those spacious hallways that lie underneath the green grass of the pinegrove lies a conspicuous ghost: the Dutchman. When Holland was just a small market town, the Dutchman lived in peace, coexisting with the settlers of the day. Later, the college was founded and the Dutchman became part of its framework. One fateful night, three students descended into the hallways, believing the ghost to be false, and they disappeared, never to be seen again. 50 years later, a fresh crop of students took the trek and were met with a ghostly figure. The figure spooked them, forcing them to flee the hallways and never come back.

The college began to grow even more, further evaporating the airspace of the Dutchman, who became increasingly agitated and angry at the school. One night, he left his signature in the form of goo in the pinegrove, scaring many of the students into submission, and no one dared to confront the Dutchman. Fast forward to 1985, when a brown-eyed, naive freshman named Kyle Mater decided it was time to do something about the ghostly monster beneath the surface. He went to the store, bought several cases of antifreeze and gathered up a rag-tag group that many would call “the outsiders” to take the fight to the Dutchman. The problem was the Dutchman had come out of his hiding, and had begun to rampage through the streets, knocking over cars and putting huge dents in the Dow and Dewitt. The group rushed to find him before it was too late.

On the way, they encountered a group of freshmen women, who joined the fight with their supersoakers and freeze bottles to battle the competent monster. They finally caught up with the Dutchman on the corner of Columbia and 9th street, where a battle of soaking persisted for four hours, maturing into a mutual standoff. After that, the Dutchman simply fell asleep. Mater decided to put the Dutchman back into the tunnels, his natural habitat. As he did, The Dutchman woke up and apologized for his actions, stating that he was “filled with boredom, so [he] wanted to do something.” Kyle carried the ghost back to the tunnel near Voorhees hall and released him. In 1989, Kyle and the rest of the group graduated, meaning that the Dutchman would reawaken that year. Fortunately, a new hero would rise from the ashes, and his name was John Jameson. Read the next article to hear his story.

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