New Pull coaches prepare for the big fight


EVEN YEAR VS. ODD YEAR — The freshmen and the sophomores battle it out. Each Pull
has phrases or words that describe their team. This Even Year banner is from 2014.

The Pull is approaching rapidly–Oct. 1 to be exact–and this year’s coaches are as excited as ever. However, the considerable amount of work the coaches put into The Pull each year is underappreciated. An interview with a new Even Year coach, Emily O’Connor (’18), shed some light on the planning and expectations she has as a coach. While she was not able to reveal too much, some interesting details emerged considering the hard work involved in planning for the big event. 

O’Connor explained to me that the planning takes a lot longer than most expect. “An event as big as The Pull takes a ton of planning, so we have been meeting since Fall semester last year to try and get everything together. Mostly, we focus on our goals as a team and our recruitment plans for the upcoming season. Hopefully they will all pan out in the end!” 

As for recruitment, O’Connor explained that they’re looking for enthusiastic students willing to take on a challenge. One thing not many people understand is the true physical and mental challenges pullers face during the entire Pull season. That being said, participating in The Pull allows team members to grow closer together and become a sort of family. Through The Pull, the students will “become part of a truly life changing experience with some of the closest friends they will make in their time at Hope College,” O’Connor said. 

“Pull has been an integral part of my college experience at Hope and I feel so incredibly blessed and honored to be able to share it with the next generation of Hope students.” 

One of the best parts about The Pull is the passion and tradition that goes on behind it all. There becomes a special bond between the pullers and the coaches that can’t be explained unless you’re actually part of The Pull. However, O’Connor shares that it’s an incredible feeling to know she will soon be sharing her own experience with her new pullers.

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