MSO icebreaker a great success

The Black Student Union (BSU) has been cooking up some cool and fun events for the fall 2018 semester. A quote from the event’s brochure read, “Black Student Union is so excited to welcome all of the new faces on campus, but also all of the returnees”.

The organization made its fall debut on Saturday night, as they hosted its annual Multicultural Student Organization (MSO) icebreaker. The icebreaker was the first official event of the fall 2018 semester. The theme for 2018 was Mardi Gras. Masks and multi-colored beads dotted the old Kletz, located in the DeWitt Center. The night’s festivities began with old school hip-hop, as the new and old faces began to gradually stroll into the old Kletz. Gradually, hip-hop gave way to Latin salsa, as the Kletz became crowded with Hope students. Several dancing circles emerged as students began to battle for dancing supremacy. And there were the few that sat along the side, watching their friends dance. Breaks from dancing meant light refreshments: water and an
assortment of cookies.

Towards the middle of the dance, there was a raffle in which several items, ranging from a coffee basket to a Hope shirt, were given away. Those with the winning tickets saw their nights lit up with excitement. More people began to fill the dance floor, as the BSU e-board continued to take pictures. The familiar beats of 2017 and 2018 came back to life in those fleeting moments. Then came the slow dances, where partners teamed up and friends took the moment to embrace each other, a moment of the new school year. The party went on long into the night, even after its
scheduled time. Even as the dance floor became more sparse as the clocked crocked towards a new day, there were the few brave souls who braved the dance floor to once again show off their dance moves. The night ended with the attendees having enjoyed their time. Those that did attend said that the event was entertaining and a positive step towards a good semester. BSU is still in the process of planning more events, so stay tuned for upcoming updates!

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